(anti lipodystrophic agents)

  • Product: ALIDYA™
  • Manufacturer: Ghimas S.p.A.
  • Active Substance(s): Poliaminoacidic gel, a-D-(+) glucopyranose, 1-4 glycosidic, etilendiaminotetraacetic sodium, amino acid buffer system with bicarbonate-sodium corrector, osmolarity regulator
  • Pack Size: 5-340mg vials with powder + 5-10ml vials with solvent.
  • Accessories: Package insert
  • B - Brand Name
  • RX - Prescription
  • europe - Europe

Product Information

Order ALIDYA™ from Ace Medical Wholesale. This anti-lipodystrophic agent is made of amino acids and other ingredients. These ingredients help remove toxins and restructure adipose tissue to reduce the look of orange-peel skin and other signs of cellulite.