Frequently Asked Questions

When can I reach a customer representative at Ace Medical Wholesale?

Our customer service hours are: Monday 9AM to 6PM EST, Tuesday 9AM to 6PM EST, Wednesday 9AM to 6PM EST, Thursday 9AM to 6PM EST, Friday 9AM to 6PM EST. You can also place an order by phone or leave a voice mail message and our customer service representatives will be happy to return your call the next day.

Can one of my employees order from Ace Medical Wholesale instead?

We understand how busy you are running your medical practice and caring for patients. If you want your medical secretary, other staff member, or another third party to place orders on Ace Medical Wholesale, this is possible. You, the licensed person or corporation, must sign an authorization form giving permission for a specific individual to order on your behalf then send it to us by email or fax. If you are not sure how to do this, simply contact one of our customer service representatives and they will be happy to help.

Can I get a discount for ordering medical supplies in bulk?

The higher quantity of a particular medical supply you order from Ace Medical Wholesale, the more money you save. Usually if you buy ten or more units at a time you will save more than if you buy five, for example.

What is the minimum quantity I need to order to get wholesale prices on medical supplies?

There is no minimum quantity when you place your order. However, you do save more on our already low wholesale prices when you purchase larger quantities of a particular product. There will also be a $50 shipping fee if your total order comes to less than $500.

Which methods of payment does Ace Medical Wholesale accept?

Ace Medical Wholesale accepts the credit cards Visa, Mastercard, and American Express when you order.

Does Ace Medical Wholesale offer payment terms?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with payment terms, such as a 30-day term, since we accept international transactions on Ace Medical Wholesale.

Do I get any incentives for referring someone to Ace Medical Wholesale?

If you know another physician or medical practitioner who could benefit from the low wholesale prices from Ace Medical Wholesale, please do let them know about our company. We will thank you with a referral incentive of $399 if you are an existing client. Simply refer the new client to our company, and when they place their first order, or orders, totaling at least $2,000 in products, we will give you a $399 account credit and also place a welcome credit of $399 in your referral's account. You can then use this credit towards the purchase of any product from Ace Medical Wholesale. Simply fill out the referral form online or contact us today.

I am a returning client of Ace Medical Wholesale. Do you offer any incentives for me?

If you have been purchasing medical supplies somewhere else, we are happy to have you back as a customer. If you have been getting a better price, just show us recent proof of the competitor's price along with terms that are equal to ours, such as shipping terms and costs, and we will do our best to meet or beat that price. Contact our customer service representatives for more information.

How do I know Ace Medical Wholesale sells genuine brand name medical supplies?

At Ace Medical Wholesale, we only sell original, genuine medical supplies. We will send you products that are unadulterated and sealed in the original manufacturer packaging. When you do receive your ordered products, you should check the integrity of the packaging to be sure.

Which shipping method does Ace Medical Wholesale use?

When you order medical supplies from Ace Medical Wholesale, available shipping methods can vary from region to region. To discuss your shipping options, contact our customer service representatives.

When will my Ace Medical Wholesale order arrive?

If you place your order at Ace Medical Wholesale on a Monday to Friday and it is not a holiday, we will ship out your product within the next 24 hours. In the rare instance that there is high demand and we do not have your item in stock, we will let you know. It could take a variable amount of time for your order to arrive at your doorstep, but we generally advise our customers to allow up to about seven days, just in case. Our customer service associates may be able to give you a better idea of the expected delivery date when you place your order by phone. You will receive the tracking number for your order within twenty-four hours after placing your order.

When I order from Ace Medical Wholesale, what are the shipping costs?

Ace Medical Wholesale offers free shipping on any order over $250. If your order is less than $250, we will charge a $50 shipping fee. Depending on your location, there could be an exception to these shipping prices. If you have any concerns about shipping costs, please contact a Ace Medical Wholesale customer service representative.

How do I return a product to Ace Medical Wholesale or get a refund?

Despite all the happy customers on Ace Medical Wholesale, it is possible you will be unhappy with your order. We may offer a return or refund, depending on the situation, but we do this at our discretion and cannot guarantee we will accept a return or offer a refund in all situations. We will only accept returns or offer refunds if we misrepresented the product or its packaging when you placed your order, your package arrived damaged, or the product was proven to be inactive when you initially used it. If we do determine that you should receive a refund for the product you ordered, you can choose between receiving a full refund for that product or receiving a replacement product.

How do I find the product I want if it is not sold by Ace Medical Wholesale?

If the medical supply you are looking for is not sold by Ace Medical Wholesale, please email or phone our customer service team. We will be happy to check if the product you want is available.

Does Ace Medical Wholesale price match?

We try to offer our customers the lowest wholesale prices on medical supplies. However, if you find a cheaper price somewhere else, please do let us know. Send us recent proof of the lower price on a particular product, along with terms similar to ours, such as shipping costs, and we will do our best to meet or beat that lower price.