• Product: T-SAFE® CU 380A QL IUD
  • Manufacturer: Mona Lisa N.V.
  • Pack Size: 1 IUD
  • B - Brand Name
  • RX - Prescription

Product Information

Order the Mona Lisa CuT 380A QL from Ace Medical Wholesale. The CuT 380A QL is a medical device that is inserted into the uterine cavity for contraceptive purposes. Once placed in the womb, this T-shaped IUD releases copper into the uterus continuously, helping to increase the levels of prostaglandins, copper ions, and white blood cells, all of which act to prevent fertilization. CuT 380A QL has a guaranteed period of contraception of up to 10 years and has a longer insertion tube for improved position in patients with a longer uterine cavity.