Product Information

Order ZO Brightamax Non-Hydroquinone Non-Facial Brightening Crème from Ace Medical Wholesale. ZO Brightamax Non-Hydroquinone Non-Facial Brightening Crème is a skin brightening cream that is manufactured by Zo Skin Health Incorporation, a professional skin-care company. As the name suggests, this cream is free from hydroquinone. Instead, it contains both retinol and ascorbic acid. These two antioxidants help to disintegrate existing hyperpigmented skin cells, remove dead cells, and increase the turnover rate of new cells. This cream is also integrated with Stachys officinalis, a type of plant extract that blocks the production of melanin and prevents the exacerbation of existing hyperpigmentation. Vitamin E and C are also present, and they function to protect the skin from free radical damage. Patients are recommended to apply two to three pumps of this cream on affected areas only; initially, this cream should be used every other day. If patients experience side effects like dryness, peeling, and irritation, patients may reduce the frequency of their application of this cream until their skin becomes more tolerant towards the product. This product comes in a 75ml pump bottle.