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  • Manufacturer: ZO Skin Health, Inc
  • Active Substance(s): Magnesium crystals, vitamins A, C, C-ester, E
  • Pack Size: 1-65g jar
  • Accessories: Package insert
  • B - Brand Name
  • OTC - Non Prescription
  • europe - Europe

Product Information

Order ZO Offects Exfoliating Polish from Ace Medical Wholesale. ZO Offects Exfoliating Polish is an anti-aging exfoliator that is formulated by Dr. Zein Obagi, a world-renowned skin-care specialist. This skin exfoliating polish is made of ultra-fine magnesium crystals that are effective at physically sloughing off dead and keratinized cells, resulting in the increased epidermal turnover of skin cells. The polish’s potent antioxidants — Vitamins A, C, C-ester, and E — are included to provide antioxidant protection. Patients are recommended to apply this exfoliating polish to wet skin on the face and neck by gently massaging it into said skin in a circular motion. Water can be added if necessary. For optimal results, patients should use this skin polish at least twice a week; it can be used either in the morning or evening. With regular use of this polish, patients can notice the benefits of microdermabrasion and improved skin texture complexion. ZO Offects Exfoliating Polish is packaged in a 65g jar. This is a product of ZO Skin Health Incorporation, a skin-care company that specializes in manufacturing medical skincare products.