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BONVIVA® TABLETS 150MG (Non-English)


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Additional Information

Bonviva Tablet

Buy Bonviva Tablet for patients that have osteoporosis. Bonviva Tablet, which has the generic name of ibandronic acid, is mostly used as a treatment for postmenopausal aged women who have an increased risk of fractures.

Who benefits the most from Bonviva Tablet

This medication is actually approved by the FDA as a solution for postmenopausal aged women who have osteoporosis. However, some doctors have prescribed this solution to men as well.

Ailments Treated with Bonviva Tablet

This product is a medicine only available via prescription, and can reduce the risk of vertebral fractures. Its efficacy when it comes to preventing femoral neck fractures has not been shown, though.

How does Bonviva Tablet work?

The active ingredient in Bonviva Tablet is ibandronic acid, which is known as a bisphosphonate. This kind of medicine stops osteoclasts’ action, which are the cells that are heavily involved in bone tissue degradation and breaking. Blocking the action of the osteoclast cells has shown to help reduce or even eliminate the bone loss or breaks that happen with women in the postmenopausal age. The tablet itself includes lactose monohydrate, cellulose, crospovidone, stearic acid, silica, povidone, and others.

Treatment Details

Bonviva Tablet when in tablet form, is usually dosed at one tablet a month, usually on the same date every month. The tablet should be taken after an overnight fast, and around an hour before any drink or food is consumed, with the single exception being water. When taking it, a single full glass of water is also recommended alongside it, preferably bottled water with low mineral content. The tablet should be 150mg, and patients who take Bonviva Tablet should also make use of vitamin D and calcium supplements in case they are lacking these from their diet.

How long does Bonviva Tablet last?

How long the patients need to use the medicine will depend on the level of risk the patient has of having breaks or fractures. For those will low risk while taking this medicine, they are usually asked to take the drug for around 3 to 5 years, but it will still be a case-to-case basis.

Safety Information

Patients with hypersensitivities to any of Bonviva Tablet ’s components should avoid it. Patients with existing hypocalcemia should have it treated first before starting on Bonviva Tablet. Patients that have low blood calcium levels should also avoid this drug, or those patients that have esophagus abnormalities who cannot sit upright or stand for at least an hour. Check the leaflet for full list.

Other Side Effects 

These are signs of infections and if the patient has them, they should immediately call the doctor

  • Allergic reactions
  • Atypical femur fractures
  • Jaw osteonecrosis
  • Gastrointestinal irritation
  • Eye inflammation

Common side effects include:

  • Joint pain
  • Flu-like symptoms

For a full list, please check the package leaflet.

Recovery Time 

Calcium supplements should not be used within 1 hour of Bonviva Tablet intake. If a dose is missed, a single tablet should be taken in the morning if the next scheduled dose is over 7 days away. If the next dose is within a week, patient should wait until the next scheduled dose to take the tablet. If either of the scenarios occur, the patient should then follow the original schedule for the following doses.

Cost of Bonviva Tablet

One tablet of Bonviva Tablet costs around $40 on average.

Bottom line

Daily treatment with only 2.5mg tablets of Bonviva Tablet had shown spine fracture risk reduction of 62% during the first study compared to the placebo group. The other 2 studies that made use of 150mg tabs showed they were more effective than the 2.5mg daily group, increasing the bone density of the hip and spine.

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