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SOFTFIL® Cannula 30G 25mm XL + Pre-hole sharp needle


30G/25mm 30G/25mm 20 kits


Cannulas and Needles



Additional Information

Softfil Cannula

Buy Softfil Cannula for use on your patients’ medical procedures. Softfil Cannula has been around since 2013, and has served millions of doctors and patients since then with their multitude of features as well as a wide selection of gauges and lengths to facilitate almost every kind of operation out there.

What makes a good candidate?

Depending on the kind of treatment being applied, especially when the treatment area itself is quite large, these cannulas would be more effective and efficient compared to needles. These are especially efficient when one wants to limit the amount of bruising on the skin as cannulas are very flexible and can often push past blood vessels beneath the skin which causes a lot less trauma compared to needles.

Areas Treated with Softfil Cannula 

Softfil Cannulas are able to treat multiple areas of the skin, and the right length to use will vary for each treatment. For example, a preauricular treatment might necessitate a 50mm cannula, but if the area were a bit smaller a 38mm is likely the best choice. These will be up to the doctor’s discretion.

How does Softfil Cannula work?

The Softfil Cannula line is one of the most widely acclaimed products of its kind, with international recognition coming in since its inception. The design of was created with comfort in mind for both the doctor and patient, as it allows easy cannula insertion, as well as heightened precision during the placement of the device.

Softfil Cannulas have a clear orifice indicator, which only serves to increase the control the doctor has when dispensing the product, as well as a graduated design for greater accuracy. The cannula itself has the optimal level of both flexibility and rigidity allowing for a smoother insertion of the device inside the tissue as well as the ability to inject into the deep plan without flexion. The siliconized stainless-steel tubes make the experience more comfortable for the patient, and the accompanying pre-hole needle guides the cannula and facilitates the doctors’ gestures.

How long does Softfil Cannula last?

They are one-use only and should be immediately disposed of after that use. Make sure to take note of the expiration date on the package before using it.

Safety Information

The use of cannulas in general can sometimes be disadvantageous according to some aesthetic practitioners, who prefer making use of small needles when treating areas like the fine lines around the lips and mouth.

Other Side Effects 

When proper procedure or protocol isn’t followed, the use of any delivery system can lead to side effects, and cannulas are no different. These effects include:

  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Emboli
  • Phlebitis
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Hemorrhage
  • Needlestick injuries

To ensure these situations are avoided, careful and strict adherence to procedural guidelines should be followed.

Recovery Time

There is no actual difference in recovery time compared to traditional needles, but because cannulas are less likely to cause bruising, they are also reportedly less painful when inserted despite the sometimes-uncomfortable wiggling sensation of the cannula.

Cost of Softfil Cannula 

We offer five varieties of Softfil Cannulas:

  • Softfil Cannula 22G 40mm XL
  • Softfil Cannula 22G 50mm XL
  • Softfil Cannula 25G 40mm XL
  • Softfil Cannula 25G 60mm XL
  • Softfil Cannula 30G 25mm XL

All of which are priced at around $124 per package. Each package includes 20 sterile injection kits, each with 1 micro-cannula and a pre-hole sharp needle.

Bottom line

Softfil Cannulas are some of the most highly recommended products in their line for a reason. The manufacturers have made the products able to facilitate almost every kind of treatment with ease and precision, as well as comfort and safety for the patient.

Purchase products from us, and we guarantee you savings with every order.


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